The Gift of Beauty

I’ve been contemplating beauty lately – not just the obvious beauty of a glowing smile or eyes that willingly show the depths of one’s soul through an almost 3-Dimensional color scape of blue, green or brown – but less obvious physical beauty as well as emotional beauty, mental beauty and spiritual beauty.

I love beautiful things. I love creating beautiful environments. There is an inherent gift that beauty provides, a symmetry, a lightness, a depth, a sense of peaceful stimulation. It can trigger an hypnotic response or visual reactions that can almost translate into another sense’s experience – like the deliciousness of a deep purple flower… Beauty is poetic and all-encompassing yet intricately unique to each person.

My definition of beauty includes the handsomeness of a man with a soul that emanates love, humor and strength, a bunny rabbit chewing on the grass outside of my bedroom window, a dark storm cloud rolling in late afternoon, vulnerability, the relief on the face of a loved one whose pain has just been eased, the little air bubbles and holes the miniature crabs make on the beach when the wave rolls back out, the families of squirrels that find the almond tree in the front yard a Mecca each time it fills with almonds and their choice of hidey-spots for the almonds, causeless kindness, order and chaos.

Recognizing and bringing more beauty into my life – and the lives of those around me – makes my life more beautiful. True beauty is pleasurable and can add such an elevating resonance to our lives. In addition to our own natural inclination for and to be beauty itself, nature provides a variety of tools that activate and enhance authentic beauty within and without.  Healing and nutritional herbs, crystals, chanting and meditation are some of the most powerful tools I’ve found that can help me to experience more balance and beauty.

Discovering and exploring herbal history, lore, study and application – especially application – is an inexhaustible source of cultivating beauty for me. As my body is supported nutritionally, I feel more peaceful and healthy, more beautiful. 

One of the most beautiful herbs on the planet that I have developed a loving relationship with is the Dandelion. It is a little, prolific representation of the sun that is persistent and consistent. It supports the bees, lady bugs and other pollinating insects. It is highly medicinal and is good for the soil. Just two fresh Dandelion leaves provide nearly all the vitamins and minerals needed for an entire day. It’s constituents and actions support most body systems and can be used internally as well as topically. 

Dandelion is a thirst-quenching, cooling herb that relaxes and reassures while asserting a subtle yet tangible strength. If I’m feeling out of balance or not fully in my body, the taste of Dandelion tea immediately grounds me and re-awakens within me an ancient and deep connection with the Earth.  As I relax into sipping a warm cup of Dandelion tea, wisdom from lifetimes lived long ago begins to surface. If I allow myself to fully present with it, I have a visceral experience of the Sun literally being rooted in and weaving through the Earth and that union being expressed through the bold-yellow flower of the Dandelion. I find that dance quite beautiful.

I invite you to explore the wonders of Dandelion and other herbs with me at my next Nurturing workshop. If you’re not local, you can try meditating with a Dandelion family in your backyard and divining your own experience of the plant or picking up some organic dried Dandelion leaves from your local health food or herb store and brewing up a cup. Allow the golden magic of this bright, sunny, uplifting herb to light the way to your inner beauty and to help you allow it to shine.

Note: Dandelion tea is a diuretic and has definitive actions on your kidneys and other body systems so be sure to explore what interactions Dandelion may have with any medications you may be taking and consult with your physician or qualified wholistic healthcare practitioner before consuming.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Beauty”

  1. Your words take me exactly to your visualizations where I can see each word played out in my mind. Beauty is all around us and if we take time to enjoy each moment, our eyes will catch glimpses in unexpected places.

    As a child I had a horrible allergy to dandelions so today I avoid even the sight of them. Yet your vision of them and their perfection- beauty and healing abilities, has me wanting to give them another chance in my life. Thank you for the deep insight.

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