Receive the Love that Surrounds You

I was providing an Psychic Reading for a woman recently who was a successful business woman.  Her energy was very strong, accomplished, capable and expansive, a natural leader.  She was currently not in a relationship and was hoping that was going to shift soon.

As the Reading began, an image appeared of her with very clear and sparkling eyes, walking her dog through a large park near where she lives.  As they moved down the path, her energy began to expand out from within to encompass herself, her dog, the park, and then continued out exponentially to the farthest reaches of the Universe.

The impression I was getting was this was how she managed her energy as she moved through her day -first perceiving and then expanding out to affect -and include -everything outside of her.  Then a shift occurred in the images and feelings, offering the alternative to begin receiving her surroundings as opposed to expanding her energy into them.

She walked over to a tree that had a budding pink flower.  She paused and began to take in the depth of color and texture, the scent, fully appreciating the delicate and intricate beauty of the flower.  The images showed her breathing deeply, relaxing into herself and allowing and being receptive to the personality of the flower expressing itself, she was allowing its essence, its sentience, to permeate her awareness and then she waited for and fully heard, with her heart, the message the flower had for her, fully receiving the totality of the beingness of the small, but glorious flower of the tree.  It was a beautiful and sacred moment.

The Guidance was not only for her to receive the beauty and depth of her surroundings, but to receive the delicate and intricate beauty of herself.  She was being asked to take the time to look at herself with as much appreciation and sacredness as the little flower, to embrace herself with as much open awareness, receptivity and love, to allow for beautiful and sacred moments to be shared between her and her own heart.

As she grew more into receiving, practiced allowing and surrender to the moment, allowing nature and her surroundings to give to her, the more open she would be to receive a new relationship in her life. All that we desire in our life is simply waiting for us to notice, open and receive.

I was grateful to have been a part of such a sacred message and one I took to heart...


As I conduct individual readings, classes, chant sessions and workshops, insights come through for that particular individual or group that can be utilized by everyone. This Insights page is a collection of various revelations, inspirations and insights I've documented over the years for various clients and I'm happy to share them with you in hopes you too can be supported by them. Enjoy!

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